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TradingView Modules

Learn the powerful TradingView platform. We give you the basic understanding of how to use the main features of the powerful finance charting platform. Learn how to setup custom alerts, indicators and basic charting and more.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Modules

Get a basic understanding of cryptocurrency and the related platforms for manual and automated trading. Learn the basics from currency pairs, available platforms, purchase types, fee’s and how the cryptocurrency world works. Perfect for beginners.

Live Course

The course is fully online and in a live classroom. Your instructors will be there to answer your questions in real time. This is not a video downloadable product! Get real help from real instructors.

3Commas Automated Module

This course gives you the basic knowledge to automate your trading using the powerful 3Commas platform. Learn how to trade 24/7 using custom triggers, automated buying and selling.

Don’t miss the boom of De-Centralized finance.

Our training is for everyone! We have easy payment plans and arrangements on all of our training. We also have a free course.

Learn with us in an online classroom.

Learn from real instructors who you can talk to in real time

We are proud to offer you real instructors that deliver real training. Our courses focus on you and ensuring you get the best training to understand the De-centralized finance technologies. 

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Check out our educational content on YouTube where we put strategies to the test and show you the results. All students of our courses receive free access to all strategy scripts and all alert and indicator scripts showcased on your channel!

Premium Courses

Join us for our premium courses with knowledgeable instructors. The courses are delivered online in a live format so you get a personal learning experience. Ask questions in real time. Get professional training in real time.