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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses actually live? or are they live recordings?

They are live courses with a real instructor!


Will you give me an automated get rich quick strategy and give me your strategies?

No, for our trading courses we provide technical platform training and also provide coaching to setup platforms within your chosen technical specifications.

Will I learn all three platforms in the one course?

Yes you will! by the end of the course you will have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency, exchanges, TradingView and Bot Automation using 3Commas.

Do you support payment plans?

Our courses are very cheap, at present we do not support payment plans. Our most expensive course is only $149 USD!

Why don't you offer free live training?

Because we offer free content on YouTube and provide free research on strategies and trading research.

I want to bring a friend can we get a discount?

The more the merrier. Let us know and we will sort you and your friend a custom package depending on your training requirements.